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Games / Kynseed

I am working on Kynseed for the brilliant Pixelcount Studios, I am handling the character/creature designs and animation, be sure to check it out and wishlist it on Steam

Games / Jack Move

Jack Move – A Cyberpunk Adventure Take on the role of Noa, a hacker and veteran of the data wars. Her estranged father has gone missing, but who would kidnap an old scientist, and why? Find out in this thrilling cyberpunk adventure! Edd ParrisĀ – Design, environment art and […]

Games / Sweatshop

Through a series of thirty challenging levels players must balance the unreasonable demands of Boss, the temperamental factory owner and Boy, a gentle, hard-working child labourer. Together, the team must work to make the factory a roaring success supplying clothes to their ever-demanding retail clients. A dark and […]

Scram Kitty WiiU/PS VITA …

Take control of a rail-riding, laser-shooting young hero on a perilous quest to rescue his pet cat, Scram Kitty, kidnapped and imprisoned in the depths of the World’s biggest orbiting space laboratory, along with all of Earth’s cats. Publisher: Dakko Dakko I created all the art assets for […]