About Army of Trolls…

Army of trolls meis the portfolio of London born, videogame obsessed artist Gary J Lucken. Working from his Studio in Poole, Dorset, UK, surrounded by Japanese toys and piles of old 2D videogames.

(G) produces a unique brand of colourful artwork heavily influenced by videogames, toys and pop culture. Available for Art Direction, 2D Pixel artwork/Animation, 3D Voxel artwork and Vector Art and Design.

I have worked for many clients including: BBC, Disney, Maker Studios, Mojang, UsTwo, Sony, Edge magazine, Wired, GQ, Dorling Kindersly, Kano and many more.

I have worked on Videogames for Nintendo WiiU, Sony PSP, PS4, PSVR and PC.

Available for Art Direction/Creation, and consultation.

I am told I am a pretty amiable chap! And am often found playing Monster Hunter or hanging out with our dogs.